Background Checks

Background checks can vary in cost. It is possible to conduct an informal background check using free websites that are accessible to the general public. Use the following links to conduct free background checks.

  • Hillsborough County Arrests Inquiry
  • Hillsborough County Warrant Inquiry
  • Florida Department of Corrections
  • Family Watchdog
  • Myspace
  • Facebook

A formal background check requires a few different levels of research and there is a fee associated with obtaining the information. A quality background check will match the person’s name to the Social Security number they provide for all past addresses and include a multi-state criminal history check in the counties of each address where they have lived. Use the following links to conduct a formal background check.

  • TalentWise
  • 4Nannies
  • Childcare Background Research Corporation
  • GoNannies

When conducting a formal background check, remember the following tips.

  • A quality background check comes at a fee. The free background check services typically are associated with websites offering hire-direct nannies or caregivers, and are really just a name and address match.
  • All background checks must follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which only allows information to be reviewed from the past 7 years. However, some states do allow the checks to go past 7 years if the person is being considered for a position which requires interaction with children.
  • Decide beforehand if you want the background check to include sex offender check or a Department of Motor Vehicles driver’s license and driving record check. These are not always included in a standard background check, however they can be added for an additional fee.
  • A background check should only be one measure for hiring. There can be valuable information which legally cannot be included. It is very common for someone who has been arrested to have the charge removed from their record.
  • It is important to ask the right questions to find out if someone is honestly communicating their information. For example, you might want to ask if there is anything else the caregiver would like for you to know about them that could impact their ability to care for your child.